Irisfilm USA has moved!
Our oversea's branch office has moved.
June 08, 2022
Introducing Fourth Generation PDLC Switchable film
When it comes to PDLC, don't be fooled by the prices!
May 31, 2019
IRISFILM and Chiefway will Jointly Exhibit at GlassBuild America 2016
IRISFILM introduces its PDLC film manufacturing division
August 12, 2016
IRISFILM Partners with Interlayer Solutions to Test Third-Gen PDLC Switchable Film
Interlayer Solutions to Create High Quality EVA Laminated PDLC Switchable Glass Panels
October 13, 2015
IRISFILM Launches Third-Generation PDLC Switchable Film in Fall 2015
The most durable Smart-Film in the industry now gets even higher clarity
October 01, 2015