OEM Projects

IRISFILM is committed to finding the right solution for our customers.  Many window films in the market may be produced by us at the same quality, same specification, same functions, at lower prices.

IRISFILM OEM/ODM capabilities are:

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • In-house testing and packaging
  • Self-developed ATE (Advanced Test Equipment)
  • Stringent quality assurance system qualified by most strict clients around the world

In developing new OEM films, IRISFILM will work with the OEM customers through four steps:

Step 1: Evaluation

IRISFILM and the OEM customer develop a detailed understanding of the product requirements. IRISFILM then evaluates the business opportunity and technical feasibility.

Step 2: Development and Sample Making

IRISFILM works to achieve the required performance goals, then makes lab samples within 7 working days. Sample(s) must be approved by OEM customer by signing signatures on the sample(s) and mail the sample(s) back to IRISFILM before production.

Step 3: Order

30% deposit by T/T is required upon order confirmation.

Step 4: Production and Delivery

IRISFILM establishes the final manufacturing process and brings the new product into full volume production.

OEM Policy:

  1. IRISFILM is able to match other manufacturer’s window film colors only if the color is not patented by that particular manufacturer.
  2. IRISFILM is able to match other manufacturer’s window film colors using only our own raw materials and constructions.
  3. IRISFILM will not print, produce, copy, or label in any way, of other manufacturer’s logos, trademarks, or company name, on neither the packaging materials, nor the films.
  4. IRISFILM will establish the final production only when the lab sample is confirmed by the OEM customer by sending the sample(s) back to IRISFILM with authorized signature(s). IRISFILM will not be responsible or accept claims for any reason other than quality problems.
  5. Minimum order quantity will apply to OEM products.  Depending on the final construction as well as materials used, different quantity requirements will apply.

ODM Policy

All of products that are designed and produced by IRISFILM are open for ODM projects to assist ODM partners to promote their own brands as well as to continue to cost down. For all ODM projects, each item requires different minimum order quantities as well as continuous orders. Please contact an IRISFILM staff for further information.