IRISFILM Partners with Interlayer Solutions to Test Third-Gen PDLC Switchable Film

Published: October 13, 2015

Interlayer Solutions to Create High Quality EVA Laminated PDLC Switchable Glass Panels

[Irvine, CA. USA] IRISFILM USA is now working with the renowned Canadian EVA and glass laminating company Interlayer Solution Inc. in producing the highest grade of EVA laminated PDLC Swtichable glass panels. 

Interlayer Solution has tested all previous generations of IRISFILM PDLC Switchable (Smart) Film and has made them the official PDLC film of choice for their EVA glass laminating projects. The finalized EVA laminated PDLC Switchable glass panel was also featured and displayed in the Interlayer Solutions' exhibition booth at this year's GlassBuild America in Atlanta.

"It has been a privilege to work with Interlayer Solutions, given the fact they are one of the world's top leaders in EVA glass laminating and the expert in creating test methodologies." said Ricky Wu, President of IRISFILM Corp. "So far the communications have been great from both parties, and the test cases have all been successful and we can't wait for Interlayer Solutions to get hands on our new 3rd-Gen PDLC Switchable film which features even higher film clarity in the transparency stage and uses less power."

For more informtion on IRISFILM"s 3rd-Gen PDLC Switchable Smart Film, please contact us at To learn more about EVA glass laminating technique and/or PDLC Switchable film in glass lamination, please contact Daniel Boari, Technical sales and Representative at Interlayer Solutions, Inc. at