Introducing Fourth Generation PDLC Switchable film

Published: May 31, 2019

When it comes to PDLC, don't be fooled by the prices!

Introducing the latest version of our PDLC film. Now in full production! 

The highlights of the 2022 PDLC switchable include:

- High Transparecny
- Even lower driving voltage (Now operates in as low as36-48V
- Available in White, Grey, Blck (IR Resistant)
- Overall reliability improved with optical grade PET

"4th Gen PDLC sets a new benchmark in the industry by offering an unmatched quality standard!" Said Charles Copeland, VP of Worldwide Distribution Divsion. "In the past, many project owners had experienced loss of profits caused by cheap PDLC products infused in the distribution channels with a little or no quality control. It's about time the market learned from the past and look for a true authentic PDLC product supplier." added by Charles Copeland. "PDLC prices have dropped significantly over the past years, we see more customers are aware of the product and understand better on how to leverage between quality and price."

When it comes to PDLC, don't be fooled by the prices or you are likely to have more loss due to after service claims, warranty, replacement efforts, and even lawsuits. If you have any PDLC needs, contact us today and learn from the best in the industry.

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