IRISFILM Launches Third-Generation PDLC Switchable Film in Fall 2015

Published: October 01, 2015

The most durable Smart-Film in the industry now gets even higher clarity

[Taipei City, Taiwan] IRISFILM headquarters in Taiwan today announced the launch of our Third-Generation (3rd-Gen) PDLC Switchable (Smart) Film. As of today, all previous generations PDLC films are all out of stock and will no longer be shipped.

Proudly to be made in Taiwan, IRISFILM's 3rd-Gen PDLC Switchable Film features the same highest grade PET film as the previous generation. With our new and improved ITO coating, our new PDLC film can now achieve even higher clarity in transparency and while being more energy efficient by using less voltages.

For more information about our 3rd-Gen PDLC Switchable (Smart) Film or to purchase samples, please contact IRISFILM at or IRISFILM USA at