Screen Protectors


B501 Series is our Anti-Shatter screen protector that provide an optically clear yet powerful barrier that helps hold glass in place when impact occurs.  Suitable for a broad range of applications including any type of LCD screens that includes mobile phone screens, touch screen panels, monitors, or any other type of delicate surfaces that needs protection. Adhesive will not leave any glue recidue upon removal.


Protective Liner (50 Microns)
SRC Layer (3 Microns)
PET Layer (100 Microns)
Adhesive Layer (25 Microns)
Release Liner (50 Microns)


Total Thickness Protector Thickness Hardness Rate Cross Cut Test Adhesion Test Tolerance Temperature Light Transmittance Rate
230 µ
+/- 5%
128 µ
+/- 5%
3H 4B # 2
Steel Ball
-10゜C ~ 80゜C 92% ~ 94%