PDLC Smart Film
PDLC Switchable Film

*2022 New Gen High-Transparency Grade Smart Film (PDLC Switchable Film) now offers even higher quality standards and lower prices. Please contact us today to learn more!

PDLC switchable film is also known as its market name "Smart Film". IRISFILM is one of the first to be able to coat liquid crystals onto polyesters, with re-usable special silicone adhesive, making the installation of PDLC films easier than ever!  Smart-Film is available in white and black colors, and becomes clear when switched ON.  It can be applied onto any type of glass directly. Change of glass or lamination between glasses is NOT required.  Smart-Film can be cut into any customized shape or size.

Smart-Film also works great with projectors, under both opaque and clear mode. Not only it will enhance the color and light of projectors, it will also appear to be more bright but not harsh to the eyes.  

Basic Information (Generation 4.0 2020)

  • Storage Temperature: -40°C ~ 80°C.
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ 80°C.
  • Transfer speed
  • Off (Opaque) →On (Clear) about 0.02 second.
  • On (Clear) →Off (Opaque) about 0.1 second.
  • Continuous turned on time: 50,000+ hours.
  • Switch times: 3,000,000+ times.
  • Driving Power:
  • White/Grey/Black Heat Resistance film: 24 ± 5 Volts.
  • White film: 36 ± 5 Volts.
  • The curve of PDLC Smart Film should be no less than 130°

Security Requirements

The resistance between the Smart-Film ground connector and parts needing ground contact should be no higher than 0.1 Ω.  Earth Leakage Current of Smart-Film should not excess 0.25mA.

Under normal conditions, our PDLC products should work under a working voltage of 36V, and frequency 50Hz, and voltage fluctuation is no higher than 12V.

Functions & Applications

There are many functions this film is able to do, we suggest three major functions (markets) for the use of this film:

  • Building Materials Industry: For privacy purposes. To be used as electronic curtains on windows or glass walls.
  • Energy Saving Materials: Let’s go green! With Smart-Film installed onto any regular glass, the ability of the film to block heat, views, maintain visible light, is even better than Low-e glasses. Furthermore, normal glasses are recyclable, but Low-e glasses or any other metallized or colored glasses are not recyclable.
  • Multimedia Materials Industry: How about turning those building walls, glass store fronts, merchandise display windows...etc. into a commercial wall / TV at night?  Traditional LED commercial TV’s are too bright, and requires a very high energy-consumption cooling system to prevent overheat of the system and the TV, but not with Transfilmer with a projector! Furthermore, with a simple sensor installed, you can turn your projector screen into a touch screen panel or TV!


How Smart Film Works

The resistance between the Transfilmer ground connector and parts needing ground 
contact should be no higher than 0.1Ω.

When Smart Film is switched on, the electric field effects the high polymer liquid crystals to arrange in order, letting visible lights to go through the film, and hence the film will appear to be clear. 123 While Smart Film is under the off mode, the liquid crystal elements are disorganized and cannot allow any visible light to go through the film, and thus it will appear to be opaque white or black.
Earth Leakage Current of Transfilmer should not excess 0.25mA.
The resistance between the Transfilmer ground connector and parts needing ground 
contact should be no higher than 0.1Ω.
Earth Leakage Current of Transfilmer should not excess 0.25mA.