Revolutionary Light Panel for Glass and Signage Projects

Revolutionary Nano Molecular Light Technology almost as Thin as Window Film.

IRISLight Key Features:

  • Thin, Flat, Lightweight and Flexible
  • Printable Surface
  • Dimmable
  • Captivating but easy on the eyes
  • 100% Environmental Friendly
  • Energy Efficient
  • Plug-n-Play

IRISLightTM is a revolutionary light panel that is waterproof, lightweight, and energy efficient. Due to its thin and flexible nature, IRISLight is fully customizable and can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Standard Sizes:

48 x 96 inches (4 ft x 8 ft)
24 x 48 inches (2 ft x 4 ft)
24 x 36 inches (2 ft x 3 ft)
24 x 24 inches (2 ft x 2 ft)
18 x 24 inches (1.5 ft x 2 ft)
11 x 17 inches (.92 ft x 1.42 ft)
08 x 11 inches 

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*Note: This product is currently availble only in U.S and Canada. For further information regarding sales, sizing, pricing, and other detailed specfication, please contact your local IRISFILM service represenatives at or call +1(949)391-3477.